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I’m back at it

Wow, i can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything. Back at Android games again. Working on a new one, but I want to publish before I post pictures here. It will be soon! I even have my next idea. Mind you, these are things I’m interested in, so we’ll see if anyone else cares. Just about to publish to Amazon Mart as well as Google mart. While I’ve been confident with the coding stuff, Beta Testing, Deploying and Support had been my “blackbox” areas. Open Source to the rescue!

I’m using ACRA for troubleshooting, and osTicket as a helpdesk support system. Both are open source, and easy products to implement.

Sorry for the vagueness, more to follow soon!

Uploading to TwitXR

Found these links helpful for creating an upload class capable of supporting TwitXR .
Upload multipart form using httpclient
Converting file to ByteArray

Date formatting in Android for Twitter

This one kept me up at night. I thought I had the right format string, but my dates never worked write, though the strings were ok. Then I found this at

 SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat( “EEE MMM d hh:mm:ss Z yyyy”);  �
Date createDate;
createDate = sdf.parse(<yourTwitterCreatedAtDateStringGoesHere>);

Ways to Implement an OnClick Listener in Android

I hate inline solutions, so I went in search of alternatives to the popular inline onclick listener.

I found the start of what I was looking for in this blog post

I’m going to use a hybrid of inline. While I’ll create an online listener, they will always call a function outside the listener. This way, I ‘ve have the entire scope of the class available.

Project TwitWit

My current project is one for the Android platform called TwitWit. It is a twitter client. Why another one of those you ask? Well, for the most part, it is a good pilot project to get accustomed the Android OS. Consider it a stepping stone for bigger and better. I’ll post screen shot soon. I’ll leave this post open for comments, so if anyone has a “gotta have” feature that no one else has, please post!

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