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Where I’ve learned about RGB

There are very few helpful sources out there, but they are there. Besides various people that have sites for their christmas displays, and videos, three come to mind that have gotten me through boot camp. They are:

1., or more specifically, While this is a vendor site, there are my delving into RGB area which the vendor doesn’t entirely provide product for. The vendor is very gracious in fostering the hobbyists, though I’m sure they’d prefer you buy their products. I started with two of their AC controllers, and will be updating my Software license to support my RGB setup (more on that Later). They stand behind their product line, but at a premium cost.

2. – Another vendor, but David Moore has provided what I consider the RGB Dogma. He has 4 videos (on that are a crash course for someone new to RGB. His got some great kits for RGB as well, including “experiment” kits. I’ve made room in my budget for his startup kit, and possibly the corostar kit as well.

3. – Ok, this is the place for questions and answers. This forum is run my my new found Australian friends, where low-voltage lighting is near the standard, and they are masters at RGB. There is a chat room as well, but for the US, I find it most active in the late evening. No question is a dumb question, and while I’ve found a WEALTH of knowledge for the basics, there is so much more way over my head at this time. And as I’ve become more educated on the topic, the chatroom leads to specific Q&A that may not be found in the forum, or if you’re like me and want answers fast.

What is RGB

RGB stands for the primary light emitting colors, Red, Green  and Blue. It’s how your TV works. When I was a kid (ok, I still do it) I’d look real close at the TV and notice that there were tons of red green and blue dots. When you back up a little, they blur into the colors you see on you TV. Same goes with these new strings of lights. There are red, green and blue LED’s placed closely together, and through the use of a controller, you control how bright each will be. At a distance, that gives you the many colors of the rainbow.

My Endeavors with RGB Holiday Lighting

I won’t pretend that anyone every even visits this site, so my goal is to simply log all endeavors into setting up RGB lights for my holiday display. This doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my Android projects. In fact, I’m near ready to publish, but the load at work has been usurping any activity.

I’ll place here anything relevant to what I’ve discovered for RGB lights or, My own decisions and why. First, here is the before picture of my 32-channel display:

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